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Answering Your Summons & Complaint

  • If you have been served with foreclosure papers, you need legal representation. You must respond to those papers within 20 days if they were personally handed to you.

  • Our offices are equiped with the experience and know-how to review the foreclosure papers you were served with to find strong defenses for both you and your family. 

  • Many homeowners know of the "where's the note" defense, but the truth is that there are many defenses that are just as effect but also, must more common then a lost note.

  • To see a brief list of some of the most common defenses available to Long Island Residents please visit our 'Defenses' page.
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Settle your Case with our Loan Modification Services

  • If your bank is giving you and your family the run around, treating your family unfairly, or simply not taking you seriously, you need to push back!

  • Grausso & Foy aggressively persue your bank and hold them accountable for responding to requests for loan modifications. Unlike other companies, Grausso & Foy have the ability and know-how to file complaints with various departments such as: State Attorney General's Office, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, New York State Banking Department, the Better Busines Bureau & others
Permanently Prohibit your Bank from Foreclosing

  • Although not common, there are circumstances where you may be able to render your mortgage unenforceable and thus permanently protect your home from foreclosure forever!

  • If your loan was originated or at any time owned by Countrywide, you may have grounds to permanently protect your home from foreclosure.

  • If your loan is currently held by a Trust or otherwise converted into a Residential Mortgage Backed Security, there may be grounds to challenge your mortgage as a failed security.

  • If Grausso & Foy can bring a successful Quiet Title action one of two outcomes will occur. (1) Only your mortgage will be rendered unenforceable (thus no one can force a sale of your house, but you will be responsible for the debt; OR    (2) both your mortgage and your debt will be rendered unenforceable.
Protection from Creditors, Judgments, & other Debt

  • With our LOWEST PRICE GUARENTEE you can't go wrong with Grausso & Foy's bankruptcy protection service.

  • Our Attorneys will walk you threw the bankruptcy process, file your bankruptcy ourselves, represent you in court and answer any and all questions you will have during this process at the lowest rate on the Island.

  • We guarentee that our fees are the lowest in Long Island and if you find a lower rate we will beat that price by $100!
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Need a 2nd Opinion or Unhappy with Current Law Firm

  • Grausso & Foy are well aware that there are other Law Firms that offer foreclosure defense services. If you have already retained counsel and don't believe they are competently protecting your rights, you need a 2nd opinion.

  • Our attorneys are able to review the work your attorneys have done and assess whether a change of counsel is in your best interest.
Didn't Answer? Defending your Home from a Sale

  • If your house is in danger of being sold because your foreclosure action is almost over, you need immediate legal representation.

  • If you failed to file an answer within the first 20 days of the action, you have waived a number of defenses, but there are still many defenses that can still be asserted! 
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