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William Grausso, Esq.
Edmond R. Foy, Esq.
Mr. Foy started his career as a Banking attorney in Corporate Compliance within a prominent FHA licensed mortgage bank. Said responsibilities extended to the assurance that bank mortgages were, among other things, properly executed in accordance with Federal and State legislation. Said laws extend to SAFE laws, RESPA, TILA, HOEPA, HMDA, FCRA, FACTA, ECOA, Fair Housing Act, Financial Privacy Rule, the Safeguards Rule and others.

In addition to representing 100's individual defendants, Mr. Foy provided pro bono services for Suffolk County Bar Association’s pro bono foreclosure project (a project dedicated to representing individuals who have been foreclosed upon and unable to afford legal representation). Edmond R. Foy, Esq., and a select few Suffolk County Bar Association pro bono attorneys were recently honored by appearing on the front cover of the renowned New York Law Journal.  

Education: B.A. received from SUNY at Albany in 2006. Juris Doctorate received from the prestigious New York Law School in 2009
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Mr. Grausso worked in Regulatory Compliance for Clayton the nation's leading residential due diligence vendor for almost 4 years. Mr. Grausso was responsible for providing legal analysis of all mortgage lending laws including Truth-in-Lending Act (Regulation Z), Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act. Residential due diligence was mainly focused on the review of Subprime loans that were inserted into Subprime Securities. Through this experience, Mr. Grausso has amassed extensive knowledge of the structures of Mortgage-Backed Securities and this assists with finding foreclosure defenses for mortgages that are in securities.

Since June of 2008, Mr. Grausso has represented homeowners that are facing foreclosure in Foreclosure Settlement Conferences in the Supreme Court of Suffolk and Nassau County.  

Education: B.A. received from West Virginia University in 2002. Juris Doctor received from California Western School of Law in 2005.

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